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Tyler Nickerson: A Biography


Early Beginnings
Since he was young, Tyler Nickerson has been very capable of music. As a child he started singing [not very good, unfortunately]. Through the years Tyler's been through a lot. He's been in and out of [school] band since fifth grade and is has previously played [in order]: flute, percussion, and piano. On December 25, 2004, Tyler got his very own guitar. His uncle's guitar had been very large for his tiny body, so his parents got him a smaller one. In February 2005, Tyler started guitar lessons. A few years into it his brother quickly picked up piano. In 2007, Tyler and his brother Conor decided to start a band called the "The United Falcons," after much struggling with band names. The band's original name was "The Winged Falcons," but Conor, of course, had to make fun of its stupidity. "All falcons are winged," he argued. The Falcons had some hits, which weren't really hits such as "The Love Trap," "Home Without You," and "Why?" Finally after much [brotherly] conflict, The United Falcons broke up forever. Tyler and Conor are now both trying to maintain solo careers in music on their own. 

So where did this all come from? Where did this all start? It may not be in the genes as much as it is in interest. Neither parent was ever musically talented. Each uncle from the mother and father's side however was. Norman Tonelli ( and Daniel (last name anonymous). In real life, Tonelli is a counsler. Dan and his wife started a band at one point called "Five to One" and Tonelli had a band called the "Tonelli Band" that would play at weddings, usually the top 40 songs. Neither band is really made it to the top, however, Tonelli did record at Longview Farms Studio in North Brookfield, MA [also where the Rolling Stones had once recorded along with the local "Cool kids choir," and Dan and his wife recorded a few songs in their home studio on cassette tapes. Tonelli is still recording songs today with his home sythesizing system. 



Tyler today is still writing songs today on guitar, except for the song "Why?" which is written for piano and is dedicated to Julianne Caron who died in a car crash in the spring of 2007 and went to his school. Some of his "now hits" include:

- Losing Ground*

- Playing On The Wings Of A Plane*

- Columbine*

- Kathryn*

- I Love You*

- The Storm

- Another Day

- Road Home

- Daydream


*= avialable on new album, "Losing Ground," available July 9.  


Q: So Tyler, tell NickersonMusic, who would you say inspired you the most?

A: Well, for a while I had no inspiration. As of now my biggest idol is John Rzeznik.

Q: And who is he?

A: The lead singer of the band, "The Goo Goo Dolls." I try not to listen just to them however. I am also inspired by musicians and bands such as Rob Thomas, Daughty, Dave Matthews, and Green Day.

Q: Vert interesting. Now, how long have you been into music?

A: As long as I can remember. I used to march around as a little kid singer the Marine's Corp Hymn. My parents were amazed at how I could memorize all the lyrics at such a young age. My father would sing to me [almost] every night as a child.